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    OK... I'm not only a Palm devotee, I'm a Mac Kool-Aid-drinker.

    When I am forced to resort to my sluggish, frequently frozen Windows desktops that my employer force feeds, I dream of my home system- a macbook and a luscious Imac G5.

    I remember back in 2004 when I was first introduced to Mac, and after the repeated exhortations of my brother-in-law, I took the mac lunge.

    It was like the first time man discovered the wheel, after eons of dragging dinner home.

    It was just so much easier.

    So, I was forced into WM5 when I switched ( for the love of the upcoming iPhone) from Sprint to Cing.

    Tried the 680; a worthy POS machine-- but the EDGE speeds were regressive; I felt overseen by good-ole HAL; only its 2007!

    On to the 750- the first WM machine that has won me over. Syncs nicely (using Missing Sync) with my macs; quick and stable; screen is not so bad, especially given the benefits.

    HSPDA; what else can I say?

    Sirius WM5 is unbeatable.

    Agenda One is no Palm Agendus; but still damn good.

    Form factor of the 680/750 to me was a major improvement.

    So, for me, a Mac devotee- the 750 worked. Give it a try, fellow Kool-Aid drinkers.
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    Heh! I was introduced to my first Mac 20 years before you were. Back in 1984 when my parents bought me my first Mac ( I remember the single disk drive and smiling Mac when booting). I had a Mac all thru HS and even into college. Then something happened....I entered the corporate world and so did my computing needs. Back then, the Mac couldn't compete. Of course, now with virtual machine technology, and things like boot camp the Mac most certainly can compete.
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    Well... I just made the move you both dispel in your posts... actually researching Missing Sync 5 minutes ago and wondering what PocketMac for WM5 is supposed to accomplish... are they different? is one better than the other?

    From the PC perspective, I must admit... my new MacBookPro flies... is a beauty to behold and seems more stable than any Windows PC I've ever owned...

    My greatest hope is that my new 750 (Cingy) syncs easily and without issue...

    Any advice is greatly appreciated...
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    missing sync has worked like a charm for me, with the occasional bluetooth connection problems being the only drawback.

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