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    which do you think is better (quality / streaming) Cingular Video, or Slingbox.....

    Im using slingbox right now but was wondering if the Cingular Video Hack would be better quality / faster streaming / just better overall......
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    If you have a sling already and are getting 3g speeds, forget Cingular video. Well, you don't have to forget it, you can use both. You sling is a dedicated hardware piece that is exclusively for you and allows you to watch exactly what is on your cablebox, even you dvr if you have the AV version.

    Am I correct in the understanding that CV is just clips?
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    There is no comparison between the two as far as I'm concerned. Slingbox slingbox slingbox
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    Yep... just clips... and crappy, short 3 min ones at that...

    Sling is a far better experience
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    good enough for me......

    thanks for the input guys..........
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