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    I have read a lot of informative threads about BT headsets but none that answer a question I have. Do any of you have personal experience with a quality BT headset that has a mute button on it and works with the 750? I hate having to use the phone to mute calls. I have the old Motorola HS810, so I am not up to date on the newer models.
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    I am looking for a good Motorola BT headset that also has mute on the headset. I want motorola because I have the HS810 and therefore have tons of Motorola chargers for the car and home. Actually my old HS810 still works great...never problems pairing with my Cingular 750, comfortable, charges fast and holds a charge, voice command via the button on the headset, and the callers say the quality is decent. But I have to assume that the newer sets have better quality, a mute button and hopefully a rocker-type volume switch. Any motorola users out there?
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    Doesn't everyone have a BT headset these days? Does a Mute button exist?
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    The plantronics 640 is a great headset and does have a mute button.
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    After trying literally a couple of dozen headsets, I just got the Plantronics Voyager 510 and it is the best I've tried; loudest maximum volume and best wind resistance (convertable, top down) plus it does have a mute function. It isn't the smallest, but it is so light weight that I can wear it all day and it doesn't jiggle around with head movement.
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    I know the jabra 800 has a mute button, never tried it though...
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    Motorolla H700 has mute. I don't know how well it works with the 750
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    Dude, forget the mute. Who is the babe in your avatar?
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    My lovely wife
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    Nice catch. And excuse the "babe" reference
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