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    Hello everyone,
    I am experiencing activesync problems that I haven't seen addressed
    yet. I wonder if I am the only one.
    My situation:
    I need to sync with a work computer, a home computer and use Exchange server for mail only.
    I have 2090 contacts, 1552 calendar entries, and 193 notes.
    I can set up on one computer and after the initial sync, go through the day and add entries within outlook and then sync at the EOD. This sync takes only a couple of minutes.
    I then go home and try and sync with my home computer.
    This sync has been taking HOURS!
    I can reverse this scenerio and it will do the same thing only in reverse.
    If I wait the couple of hours to sync at home and then return to the work computer, this sync will also take hours!
    I can't figure out what my issue is. Palm tech support has been of no help.
    My Cingular rep switched out my phone thinking I had a bum one.
    Same issues with the new phone.
    I never had this problem before with my Palm OS Treo 600.
    I had even more entries on this phone at the time of the switch!
    Currently I am still using my 600 and Chapura as a data back up.
    I keep having to hard reset my 750 or delete all my outlook entries each time a tech support guy tries to help me out.

    Can any one here help me?????
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    2090 contacts: Are you considering an entire Global Address List to be your contacts? If so you could just make that GAL available online. I access my work GAL without having to download 1000's of contacts to my phone.

    1552 Calendar Entries: Are these past events? I can't imagine that you have already planned that many future events. Why not specify that only the last 2 weeks or 1 month be downloaded to your handheld.

    For clarification, you say you access email through Exchange. I suppose this is done using Direct Push OTA? Are you synching with the home computer using USB? Also, can you explain what type of data you are synching in what location?
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    that's a lot of entries to sync back and forth. Sorry don't have that many contacts and calendar. But i would do what garrett said.
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    Nope no global address list.
    I've just been in business for 25 years and amassed alot of contacts (that includes personal also).
    The calendar entries, well that's a longer story. Lets just say, nasty divorce in 2000, have custody of my kid, and have been using palm desktop then outlook to log all issues as well as my business life and personal.
    I tried to specify the 2 weeks after the initial sync...didn't change anything.

    I sync with exchange every 5 or 10 minutes (I change between the 2) instead of as they arrive to try and save on the battery.

    I have been using USB on both machines.

    The data I am syncing in both locations is just my Outlook info.
    I do change the calendar sync to 1 month or 2 weeks but that has had no affect.

    The thing is the 600 never had these issues. It only took a matter of moments to sync with both locations.
    I can't understand what MS is doing or how to resolve
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    Does the Exchange Account have all of the same data as the home computer? What i am trying to say is are you trying to sync the contacts/calendar from one Exchange account with the contacts/calendar of a personal account on your home computer? I am pretty sure this kind of mixing creates problems.

    For instance, I sync all work email, calendar, and tasks over-the-air from my work Exchange account and then I sync my contacts through USB at home since I manage my contacts on my home computer's Outlook. What is your scenario?

    BTW, unless you receive email as frequent as 1 per every 5 -10 minutes (im sure many people do) then you would actually save battery by using Direct Push (as-items-arrive).
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    I only use exchange for my work mail.
    I sync calendars, contacts, notes and on both computers.
    I do this to have current info at home and at work since I find myself working from home time to time. I always use USB for this
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    I would try the ActiveSync 4.5 beta to see if this helps. Or maybe establish everything on the Exchange server and then setup the Treo (OTA) and the second computer (via Outlook) to access the Exchange server for synching. Also try searching this forum for other related threads such as:
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    Tried 4.5 this am. No help.
    The whole reason I only sync mail with exchange is I don't really want to share my 25 years of contacts with my work.
    Goodlink was a solution for me that I tried, but it took over the phone so badly I quit it. I used it on my 600 and had work arounds so I could easily get to my contacts and such but there was none available for the 750
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    Just thought I'd post to say Palm Tech support level 2 finally helped.
    It seems Tech level 1 had the wrong directions (repeatedly!!!)
    Fix was simple.
    Start with a virgin phone.
    Make sure both versions of Outlook on both computers are the same.
    Sync phone with 1st computer.
    On 2nd computer start with a blank Outlook for all info you want to sync.
    You can do this by creating a new folder, name it "contacts2" etc.for each of the data types. Follow the data types pull down. It's logical which choices to choose. Cut and paste existing data into the new folder. This will give you the default "contacts" folder empty.
    Now sync the phone with the empty Outlook.
    Once both computers had the same data base and file structure, syncing between them was very quick.
    The only slow time was that initial sync with the virgin phone, about an hour.
    I hope this helps someone in the future!

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