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    Dang looks like I found the right place from all the members listed. Just got a treo 750 cingular and this is my first smart phone. I am looking for reading material on what to do with this thing. I know already I need to get Java installed on this guy to do some internet applications that I have to do for work but I am wondering what all else will this thing do. The freakin owners manual wasn't much that came with it. I need to know stuff like what do I need to d/l in order to manage files on the 750 and then I want to get into the cool stuff, just don't know what that is yet.

    I gonna read read read and see what I can come up with but if anyone wants to throw an opion my way I am interested in what yall think.

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    There is a more complete owners manual that gets installed as a PDF file on your PC when you install the software CD.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "manage files". There is a file browser built in under Programs. You can get Java from here.
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    Yeah I found that link but do I have to have a storage card in order to get the files over to the treo. What is the preferred program to do that with?
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    You don't need a storage card unless you are planning on copying more stuff than the 65mb of device storage can handle.

    To copy files use activesync explore. You can drag and drop from windows explorer to activesync explore.

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