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    On Outlook on my computer, I "check" the private box in the contact info, but when I sync, that contact still shows up on the treo? Why?
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    Yes, is there any way to make a contact private on the Treo wx like you can do on the palm os?
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    That would be beautiful
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    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    Anyone figure this out yet?
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    No you can't make them private. You can only put them into categories.
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    is there any third party application that gives the windows mobile private contact functionality.
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    To make the Outlooks contacts on your computer secure, put a password on your computer.
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    Well, you can go into your contacts in Outlook. (I'm using 2003) and make a new folder. Call it private or whatever and stick your private contacts or any other contact you want in there and those will not sink to your device.

    It's a workaround anyway..... The downside is when searching for it in Outlook you may have to switch to that folder to pick it initially, but once you do it will show up in that cached list that appears when you do a new message.

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