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    Got my phone at a Cingular retail store and it has a small square sticker with the date of 1-19 on it.

    I'm having a little trouble with the phone locking up when making some calls otherwise the phone works great.

    A friend purchased one from eBay and it had a Red rubber stamp with Jan 09, 2007 on the box and has works perfect.

    What date do you have and how's the phone working?
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    I don't see a date anywhere on the box.
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    Can't help you on the production date issue.

    I have been going very slowly with adding new apps as I want to be able to pinpoint a problem if I start to have problems and/or crashes.

    So far:
    Good Mobile Messaging --use for work email, by far most used app and it is terrifc

    Windows live--which is the mapping software that works great and has real time traffice

    HSDPA hack installed that is mentioned on this site

    Also installed the hack that turns off the proxy server.

    In the last four days I have not had a single lock up or freeze and it works great. The only thing I have noticed is that it does seem to drop calls sporadically when switching from UMTS coverage to GPRS coverage--although often no problems. I have heard that this might have something to do with weak UMTS signals and really strong GPRS signals. Either way this should go away because eventually my location (Los Angeles) should have UMTS everywhere so no more handoffs from UMTS to GPRS.

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