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    In the Mobileviews Blog there is a recent post notes a discrepancy between Smartphone and PPC versions of Windows Mobile.

    Essentially, in Smartphone Edition if it looks like a phone number you can dial it. This (claims the author) isn't true on the PPC side. Like on my 700wx. Rats.

    This is consistent with my experience on the Dash and SDA (Smartphones) vs. the 700wx.

    I use the task list with a category @calls and list all of the people I need to call with their phone number in the task subject line. It's so easy to just click and dial that way.

    Is there any software that makes anything that looks like a phone number to be dialable?
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    Palm OS
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    Well, I have discovered that while using Agenda One on my WM5 HP Ipaq 6925, I CAN tap on a phone number in a note or summary screen say for a task or contact, and it DOES offer a dialing option! Woohoo!
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Palm OS. Good answer. Yes with my 650 I could do this. That's one reason I look forward to the mythical Linux-based Garnet-flavored OS that will be the Spawn of Palm later this year.

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