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    All of a sudden I can't connect with activesync. y cables are all hooked up, and I reloaded the program. Any ideas, this was working until recently
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    Join the 750 will sit on the cradle and sync and unsync by itself. Guess it might be my computer or the phone, who knows.....just another "glitch" i have with this phone
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    Try unchecking the "Enable advanced network funtionality" option. On your 750, go to Settings --> Connections --> USB to PC

    I suffered through activesync issues for a week, before I figured it out.
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    Did you try powering the phone off and turning it back on while hooked up to the USB or cradle? There are times I plug my Treo in and AS doesn't pick it up. When I turn the device off and back on, AS starts up.

    Also, if that doesn't work try a soft reset. Even going back a couple of years with PPC devices, I have found that sometimes it takes a soft reset on the device to get it working again with AS.

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    or just delete the sync pairing and repair the active sync connection. Usually works for me. I also did the unchecking of use advance network functionality in usb to get my 750 syncing in vista.
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    Frustrating - just upgraded to Vista and the damn connection stopped working. Can't get MS's own operating system to acknowledge its own mobile system.

    Damn I hate Microsoft. Too many damn cooks who never talk to one another. Another great example - WM5 fails to have a default capital letter when putting in names for a contact. What language do these guys speak? Sheesh.

    Anyone with tips to get Vista see the 750 routinely? I am tired of deleting connections and re-doing everytime I want to sync.
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