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    All of a sudden when I press the side volume contols on my Treo 750 the volume controls do not pop-up. The Battery status dialog pops-up. I have tried the volume contols in phone mode, in the today screen, while playing music etc. Same thing every time Battery Status. Soft reboot does not fix the problem. I did a hard reboot and it fixed the problem.

    Then I was very careful and only loaded established 3rd part apps, AgendaOne, SPD Pocket Plus, Reso Explorer, Worldmate, Illium eWallet, Illium RSS Feed. Well about 4 hours later after using the phone all day I pulled the phone out of the cradel and volume controls were gone. I just did another hard re-boot and currently syncing up with my Exchange server. I am planning on not loading any other app for the next 24 hours.

    My gut says it is not a third party app problem. My hands constantly hit the volume contols by mistake when pulling it out of the cradle I think that might be the culprit?

    Anyone else seen this problem?
    Any ideas what is going on?
    Does anybody know how to remap volume control buttons?
    Does anybody know how do pull up the volume conrol with out hitting the side volume buttons?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!
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    It is SPB Pocketplus causing the problem. Go to the thread below and download the file and follow the instructions.

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