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    I've been using this quite a bit over the last few days on a road trip. I now have to say this is one of the most useful apps on my Treo 750. I love being able to pick a town, look up places (say like Starbucks, supermarket, etc) and get the locations. I have a Garmin Streetpilot 2730 as well with this kind of info. But since the database is static in memory and not online, the data isn't always totally up to date.

    I might have to give a BT GPS receiver a try just to play with this.
    I also like Windows Live Search. I just like Google's more for some reason.
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    I can't get the GPS to work either, I think you have to buy a GPS reciever. Is this true? Is there another component needed to get turn by turn direcitons? Thanks, JW
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    The 750 does not have a GPS built-in, so yes you need to buy a receiver
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