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Just thought I'd give you guys an update. I drove to a place that I was told data and voice work perfectly, and I still wasn't able to do both at the same time. I also wasn't able to receive any calls while on 3G, the phone would boot me off the network as soon as I tried to receive the call, and take about a minute or so to get back on.

So, I decided to return it, and picked up an 8525 instead. First test out of the box was to see if data and voice worked simultaneously, and it did. It worked perfectly.

So, it was definitely a bad phone. I think I like the 8525 better, as the keyboard is much easier to type on. Yeah, I miss the keyboard always available, but the Treo is just too buggy now.

Thanks for all the help.
I don't see a basis for you deciding that the Treo is too buggy when you had an isolated problem when others didn't have the issue. Every product has some lemons. Hope you enjoy your 8525.