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    ok, starting 9/01/06, the day i switch from the ppc-6700 to the 700wx, my evdo speeds have been cut in half. at first there were many wx users who experiencing the same thing. sprint said something about updating there towers for the 700wx. whatever it was many users started to see there evdo speed get back to the normal 400-700 kbps. I never did. with my 6700 I was able to get from 500-950 kbps. I didn't do a speed test everday, but I can say that the 6700 had good speed up to 9/01/06.

    I called sprint a few weeks ago to inquire about the speeds in my area and thay said thay would start a ticket and call me back. the next day thay called and said that there were no issues with the towers in my area. thay said that everything was running fine on there end. thay told me that the closest tower was reporting 300 kbps. I said well what about the advertised 400-700 kbps that the sprint site says. thay said "well... I don't know. let me check into it and call you back". I never heard back from anyone.

    anyhow, a very long story, and i'm sorry. i'm pissed. here is a screen shot of my latest dslreport.

    you will see 57 kbps in a full four bar evdo area. this is not 5 miles from the sprint world headquarters in kansas city. of all places where you would think you would have good coverage it would be hear.

    is anyone else still seeing below 400kbps with the wx's in good evdo areas? did you use to have better speeds with other evdo phones? am I the only one?

    thanks, cody

    ps: i'm done venting now. thanks. lol
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    don't have mine yet so i can't really comment, but, maybe its your treo?
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    I'm in Chicago and just did a speed test and I'm getting 477kbps. And coming from a 700p these speeds are much improved for me. Hopefully it clears up for ya.
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    700wx, Dulles, VA tests

    #1 - 569kbps
    #2 - 629kbps
    #3 - 631kbps

    When I first got my 700w with vzw I was getting speeds like what you had when at my house, but I had much better tests the closer I got to D.C.
    Sprint has better EVDO coverage in my area and the speeds are good even at my house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wyldstallyns258 View Post
    don't have mine yet so i can't really comment, but, maybe its your treo?
    i'm on my 3rd one since 9/01/06. one headset jack thing broke and the other sprint sent me a week before the sms patch. thay thought a new phone would fix the sms issues. lol.

    anyhow, all 3 had poor evdo speeds. I think it more my area though. just seems like it all started around 9/01/06.

    my problem is it has never been fixed. I would complain more, but I only pay $15 before my $10 evdo creidt. only $5 a month.
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    I just tested mine in a not-so-great area (1-2 bars) and got 371, 379, 489. So I guess I'm ok. I never actually bothered to test this before. I'm going to start doing this in different areas... now I'm curious.
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    I hit 670kbps... weird doesn't SEEM that fast though.
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    check out mine from today

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmieGeddes View Post
    check out mine from today

    thanks for rubbing it in jimmy. I do remember you we one of the few of use way back when that had problems at first. glade to see it's doing better for ya.

    just for the record... I once got a 1150 kbps. man I miss those days.
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    I got 611 and 631 kbit/sec on today (1 bar).

    After the referenced tweak, I got 649. Don't think it's doing much to speed things up. Sucks your EVDO speeds are slow right now, cody. It's probably just network trouble in your area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiguy View Post
    I got 611 and 631 kbit/sec on today (1 bar).

    After the referenced tweak, I got 649. Don't think it's doing much to speed things up. Sucks your EVDO speeds are slow right now, cody. It's probably just network trouble in your area.
    those tweeks won't change your speed. it will change how the pages are rendered. in english... it will make your surfing faster but not you downloads.
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    My issue is that over 50% of the time I run a speed test (1MB on DSL reports/mspeed), I fly out of the gate, transfer half the file, then crawl for 15 seconds, and then get another burst of good EVDO speed and finish the file transfer. 200k or so average but start and end over 700.

    I could see this occasionally, but it happens more of then not.
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    ok, I guess a mod should edit my post. after some checking it is just in the area I work.

    I live in a suburb of kansas city. I drive 30 miles to work. I us the surf ALL DAY LONG at work and never at home. at least not from the treo. today I did a few speed test on my way home. shortly after leaving the area I work in I started getting 600-750kbps. so this is not a wx problem.

    my problem is...

    first... what happened to the towers in my work area at about the same time I got the wx that slow me down so much. I use to have great speeds in the same place.

    and second. why hasn't this been fixed in the 5 months there has been problems.

    thanks everyone for your speeds test results. I don't use the wx and internet enough away from work to notice it was just that spot.

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    I'm in Denver and just tested this for the first time with a 1MB test at dslreports.

    #1 631
    #2 677
    #3 716
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    Virginia Beach Va 3:22PM
    rain/wintery mix
    1MB test
    Ive got up to 910-920 on a nice sunny days before rush hour.Everyones hoging The towers
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    soon we will have that 2-4 Mbps.Thats power hmm
    Maybe on the palm sherlock
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    I didn't mean to rub it in I'm just very happy with my speeds. I live in Northern NJ, about 15 min from NYC, I think that's why my speeds are the way they are. My 700p doesn't even get close to the speeds of my 700wx in the same exact spots.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I modified the primary and secondary HA settings on my Sprint 700WX based on information obtained from the following forum

    The area of particular interest is the list of Sprint HA for different servers across the country.

    My average speed nowadays from report has been ~650-850kbps from downloading either the 600k or 1mb file. Prior to the HA modification, my average download speed was ~500-600 kbps from the same file size.

    From page, click "your ip" to find out your dynamic IP, and more importantly, your DNS. Then click "fastest" to see how your speed or your domain is ranked relative to average speed of other mobile carriers. The domain is associate with the HA settings.

    I was able to move up to the faster domain, and hence faster speed result, by simply swapping the primary and secondary HA settings. I tested the East Coast "fastest" HA (i.e., but I still ended up using the one closest to SF (i.e. area3 as my primary). Since I am in SF, I do not get the same speed advantage probably due to distance, even connecting to the fastest server as suppose to folks closer to the East Coast servers.

    In order to view your HA settings, dial ##3282# from your dial pad. However if you want to modify them, you will need your Master Subsidy Lock (MSL)code from Customer Care. Change only the primary and/or the secondary HA fields, other fields are irrelevant for this exercise. Good luck!

    SF, CA
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    Haha. Now my speeds have gone down to a crawl. For whatever reason, I'm getting 100-150kbit/s consistently. Amazing...

    Edited: Just talked to Sprint support. There's outages affecting numerous states (including CA) which is affecting "voice and/or data." Guess that explains it for me.
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    WOW! I live on the edge of EDVO Coverage from Sprint. Never get over 115-125. Tested at got 118. Changed DNS servers from Automatic to

    Now Getting 1.1 megabits per second!

    Thanks to JimmieGeddes & Malatesta!


    ps: I am in the process of re-working the 700wx ROM and disabling the crappy dialer and enabling Kokkos and Eten Dialers with or without Smartdialer. Will post on progress.
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