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    I just got a Treo700wx and have searched this form to see if it is possible to hide select notes like I could with the Palm OS Memos on my 700p. Is this possible either by builtin or third party software?
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    I am sorry to say the lack of response here is one of the reasons why I switched back to the 700p. Days would go by before someone would help a WM newbie like me. And often, the answer was "that cannot be done". Sorry but good luck.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by hide. Would categorizing notes with filter by category do what you want? If so there are 3rd party apps such as PocketNotes or PhatNotes that can do that. Unfortunately the default notes app is pretty limited in features.
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    I think what he's asking is if there is a way to password protect the notes app or if there is a notes app with that feature available. Just some way to protect the info in the notes I guess.
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    PhatNotes lists password protection as one of the features.
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    Thanks for the replies. And yes, what I am looking for is being able to visibly hide the notes with a password lock to in order to view them like the Palm OS Memos app can do.

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