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    I am on the Vodafone network in London and I have installed the HSDPA hack.

    I am not even getting the normal speed. Does anyone no why? Has anyone got the HSDPA hack working on Vodafone in London.


    PS Also is there an easy way to have shortcuts to applications on the Today page?
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    Does the Treo show a U or a G? It sounds like EDGE or GPRS speeds.
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    It shows a U. Surely I should be getting better than 90 whatever
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abu Alfie View Post
    It shows a U. Surely I should be getting better than 90 whatever
    Yea more like 900+
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    Not sure what's going on but I'v big problems with Vodafone UK Treo.

    Been great for weeks since I got it in Decemeber, but recently (last couple of days)

    I too noticed that even with the HSDPA enabled or disabled I'm getting ~90k!!

    I'm used to getting anywhere from 280 - 500k.

    Also now I'm not able to get a connection with 3G - tries then says can't connect - unknown error. Go further indoors - where get GPRS only - connects no problem.

    Really irritating problems now - so disappointed.

    Contacted Voda UK - say nothing wrong in my area exists.

    Hard reset - sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

    I'm not in London, I'm in Durham - NE England.

    90k sounds very suspicious.
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    Anyone else in the UK having problems?
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    Just got 160.

    mspeed doesn't always work I have to refresh a few times
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    Just to check what's going on I hard reset my Treo again.

    Without the hack I'm getting ~90-100k, with it ~140k.

    No idea what is going on as only a few weeks ago was getting ~250k without and ~475 with hack.

    Voda UK is up to something!

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