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    In registry HKLM > Security > Phone > Skin
    Change Enabled from 1 to 0

    Sorry if this a repost. I did this it somehow disabled my speaker phone but it enabled an odd looking dial pad I have never seen. And to get the dial pad I have to be in another screen that is not the today screen and press the phone button and this dial pad open ups which I think looks nicer and more efficient.

    Screen shot of what it sorta looks like.
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    That's like the pad from the 6700. Had it for about a year before the wx.
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    yeah its the stock Win Mo 5 theme. i prefer the palm theme after also having the 6700 for a while, but to each his own.
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    I liked that Dial Pad, so if I changed to that dial pad, then my speakerphone won't work?
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    Well if you do that reg hack, soft rest your pda, you can get it. All you do is go into some screen other than today screen, then you press the talk button and this will pop up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinomon View Post
    I liked that Dial Pad, so if I changed to that dial pad, then my speakerphone won't work?
    I believe the speakerphone will still work but you will have to access it through the MENU button since there is not button on the screen itself.
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    Very interesting. But I don't like the fact that you have to be in a different screen to use it.
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    I tried speaker phone by using the menu button and what not but it does not work.
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    the 700hacks program will enable this too. I did this a few months ago and hosed my speakerphone. I had to restore from a backup to get my speakerphone back.
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    any way to get the eten dialer on here? I had it on my 8125 and loved it!
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    So i have this dialer now, any way to skin it?

    I have the iphone theme on my phone, however im not sure if i can skin this dialer?

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