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    On my treo 650 there was some setting that I could configure launching a program by holding down a key. On my 700wx, I can't figure out how to do this.

    I can assign a press-hold key to speed dial a number from the right menu/New Speed Dial but I can't figure out how to assign these to applications.

    Anyone help me out? Thanks!
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    You can't do this with the w/wx. I miss that too

    You could try a 3rd party app though. AE button plus will do it, but I personally don't care for it
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    Really? This seems like a super easy program to write. I'm surprised Palm doesn't include it. Are there any 3rd party tools to do it?
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    anyone know of a work around for this? I'd really like to launch programs with press and hold!
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    Littlepat suggested AE Button plus, which is the only one I know of that does it.

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