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    Hi Guys,

    I saw this on another forum. I tried it on my 700wx last night, and today the battery seems to drain less than usual. Still testing it out to see any difference the next few days. let me know if it does anything for you guys.

    Change to

    Change to

    Change to

    Change to

    This will turn on power management for the above protocols. Logically, it should save us some power. The orginal poster is using D700 and he claims that there is a significant increment in his battery life and it is better than the activesync tweak.
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    Now if we could just stop the memory leaks.
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    anyone else try this?
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    I know. I have been waiting to hear from others before I do it. I hate being the guinea pig.
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    Old news:

    I tried it with no differences noted. I don't think this is a good hack and it has not been reported/recommended elsewhere.

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