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    Malatesta,I have just a few questions that I think only you would be able to answer. Can the MotoQ's registry be configured with the hacks that speed up the internet ie. maxthreadsrequested & so on? Also,is there a way to add the google search bar at the today screen like on the treo? Finallly the most important to me is have you installed the palm threaded sms app on it successfully?
    Well, it's hard to quantify but I think the maxthreads hack works, I know I applied it and the internet seems faster.

    Changing the DNS is also possible, though you have to check every once in a while because it may revert. But that's worth doing because of the big effect on speed it has.

    The one handed hack posted around here works perfectly also.

    No google search on today.

    No Palm threaded SMS Edit: You can install it, and it will receive the SMSs and thread them, but it won't send (Verizon) even though the message appears to leave the outbox
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    There are registry hacks on the Q...I think that, since it runs WM5, all WM5 hacks will work. qusers, which a few have pointed to in this thread, does have a sticky post with registry hacks, so you can take a look and see what's available.
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    Just thought I would update everyone...

    I called sprint and my new Q is on its way. Thanks to all who answered questions and shared info.

    My personal reasons why I chose the Q over the 700wx:
    1. dialing via BT VC
    2. usb charging -- I hate bringing proprietary chargers when traveling.
    3. Saved $100 (distant 3rd)

    Honestly...all other choices for the Q were a draw or compromise. i.e. I feel the treo does just as good a job. Size wasn't a factor as I like the shape/size of the treo.

    If only palm/sprint had put BT dialing in the treo...

    But for now I think the Q will work very well for what I do. I realized that I mostly use converged devices for:
    1. calling (advantage Q)
    2. web surfing (draw)
    3. manage finances/enter receipts (draw - thanks to mal for posting a good program for smartphones.)
    4. Watching my Slingbox (advantage Q - better screen.)
    5. very basic PIM (for my basic needs... draw. For advanced PIM users advantage to Treo.)
    6. Occasional txt messages (draw)

    I share the list as hopefully it will help someone else making this tough decision. I think I will be happy with my decision as long as battery life is enough to get through a day without charging. Thanks again to all.
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