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    hi treo-ers
    I had tmobile for years
    one thing that I like was there program that I registered my email accounts on there web site , then I would get a sms message with the subject line... I could then d-load it or not... saved on battery greatly
    I have been looking but haven't found a 3rd party app to do what I wish
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    Windows or Mac? I use an SMS widget that works great, also I use an Apple script to send certain emails received to my cell phone via sms. Mail is received and based on a rule it forwards via. sms.
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    I used to have that software back when I used to have my 180/270 days but Interstink solution is better since it has rule based forwarding via SMS.
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    windows based
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    Sorry it took a while. I don't know if this would work for you.
    Try this one:

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