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    When I opened the memory card door I thought it was broke but I guess it has like rubber hinges?

    Is mine messed up are are they all like this?
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    Rubber hinge that you need to sort of push back in but I think that is the design.
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    The door is alot better than the 680. Sounds like you might not have it in right.
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    I felt the same way. The "hinge" slides out then you fold down the door. Slide back in the hinge then snap the door closed. Seems cheap, but better then a true hinge that would end up breaking altogether.
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    The rubber hinge on the 750 is actually pretty good compared to the rubber hinge on my Dash covering it's HTC headphone/sync connector.
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    Yeah, I hear you guys. I cringe each time I have to open the door to do a "hard" soft reset. But that feeling goes away once the door secures nicely back into the body of the 750.
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