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    I was playing with my refurb treo today (so far so good once the data came back). You can add a voicemail password option, its more one handed friendly (for me).

    1. On today screen, choose menu
    2. Choose speed dial options
    3. Highlight voicemail
    4. Choose menu then edit
    5. Choose advanced tab
    6. Note extra digets box
    7. Enter your voicemail password
    8. Check the "Dial extra digets automatically"
    9. Press OK until your on the today screen again

    No more entering in your password.

    Again, this is new to me & it is probably old news to most people.

    Dont lose your phone!

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    That's a good one that I wasn't aware of. Thanks.

    Here's another that's probably known to most people. If you're always counting your minutes and don't want to use them for voicemail retrieval, simply dial your mobile number from a landline (or another VZW "In" phone). When your voicemail answers, press # and enter your password.
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    Been doing this from the start but thanks for posting it.
    Treo 700WX - VZW
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    NICE FIND DUDE!!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!! This will make my life a LOT easier as I check my voice mail from the car frequently and dont like to have to look down to type my password. Its the little things that make all the difference.

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    Thanks for the tip

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