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    I am so upset that my TL can't be used well with my new Treo. I had several calls coming in and I would hit the answer button on my car, it picks up, then it hangs up (the car hangs up), phone still active, then the car picks back up again next thing I know it is dead and I can't talk to the person on the phone.

    I have tried both of Jet updates 1.20 and 1.24 now, neither have helped this problem. Anyone have a idea how to make this work better?

    I really liked using it in my car especially with the new Texas law that might pass with no cell phones it will come handy.
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    I am guessing you will be out of luck with the car kit just as other car kits don't work.

    See the other bluetooth carkit thread and notice this is pervasive with all WM5 Palm devices--in short it is Palm's bluetooth stack and you are stuck. The jetware software only adds functionality if it works but can't fix this one.

    You can wait and hope that Palm releases an update/fix but don't hold your breath and don't spend a lot of time trying the fixes everyone suggests because they all stop working eventually.
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    This sucks. I guess I will just use my headset. Rather not but oh well. Any ideas on car kits that might work?
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    Basically if you don't have a Toyota or Parrot car kit there's not much chance of it working.

    I guess we know what the people at Palm must drive, huh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcaslis View Post
    I guess we know what the people at Palm must drive, huh?
    Very funny--I guess they all drive a Prius...
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