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    I must say that I said no way they were just pulling our I bought a 700w last week for work (I prefer the 700p for work they wanted me to have a 700w)

    So I went to submit my rebate online about 10 minutes ago and look at what I see

    Needless to say this thing is going back and a 700wx will be headed my way as soon as it hits
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    well, let's hope it comes to be...looks like a good sign! Why would they offer a rebate on a product that's not for sale!
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    yeah that was my thought also...I was shocked when I saw it, even asked someone if I was seeing it correctly. Then was like...well I have 5 more days before my 15 day return policy is I cross my fingers and if it is not here...then maybe take the 700w back and wait...anyways, thought I would share my findings
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    That's better than nothing I guess. I've been waiting for 7 months since I switched over to Verizon and the 700w couldn't cut it. Hopefully soon I can get what I came to Verizon for. :I
    Go Bucks!
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    I second that, I just hope that it is sooner rather than will be our luck that release the 700wx for Verizon then a comparable 750 (wont be the 750 as it is GSM) for Sprint lol
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    postmarked by 2-19-07? We won't see the WX by the 19th of Feb.
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    We can hope Robdam.
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    all we can do is keep our fingers know if they release it on the 18th they are going to be overwhelmed with rebates lol

    Seriously though if it is released near that date they will extend the post marked date I bet.
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    will the wx be replacing the w or will it be sold as well as the w?
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    I would say replace as many including online is out of stock...but who knows for sure with Verizon.
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    700w out of stock yesterday in Toledo, back in stock today (online)

    What's up with that?

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    they must be reading Treo central again LOL
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    I, for one, will IMMEDIATELY buy the WX when it becomes available through VZW and then sell my W on eBay for whatever I can get for it - good riddance W !!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Treo 700WX - VZW
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    You guys are going to love the 700wx. When I got mine I compared it with the 700w and it was night and day.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmieGeddes View Post
    You guys are going to love the 700wx. When I got mine I compared it with the 700w and it was night and day.
    How did you compare it? Have you owned or used the W? Is the WX the same as the W except for the added memory?
    Treo 700WX - VZW
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    Only difference I noticed was the memory.

    Softrest after W is around 12MB-13MB free, while WX shows 40MB-43MB free.

    Odd thing is it seems like WX handles free up on memory way better than the W though. When I close all apps on WX, memory MB goes back to 40's, while W only goes up to 8 at the most, or even stays around 3-4MB at times.

    Size of the memory difference is x2 on WX but if you go with the free memory, it's more like x4+.
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    Palm Treo 700WX w/ SERO plan

    Love both
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    The memory between the 2 makes all the difference. I used a friend's 700w and after opening a few apps is slowed down to a crawl, my 700wx can have a lot of apps open with no slowdowns.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    The 700wx is the best device on the market. The memory means you will really never has to be concerend with closing apps again. voice Dialing over blue tooth is now possible with MSVC.

    I was depressed for a week after returning mine becuase of Sprints crappy network. I got a q two months ago and now ill have to pay full price for the wx. You know what? I may just do it.
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    a belated congrats to brvheart, this thread made it onto Engadget yesterday:

    I guess I'll try to keep my hopes up, this poster at Hofo says that the 700wx might never get released due to "major problems". That makes no sense..
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    Where did you get the idea that bt voice dialing is now possible on the wx?
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