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    Has anyone used this (Trillian Everywhere)? It is supposed to work with on pocket pc but I would think I'd have heard of it if it worked like I think they say it does?
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    It looks pretty cool, but I believe you need to have Trillian running on your home computer all the time and your home computer acts as a gateway and webserver so your phone is connecting to your home computer.

    I might try it sometime when I have some more time though.
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    I use this program everyday.

    I used it on my old J2ME phone and now on my PPC phone. I am attaching a screen shot.
    Yes, you have to have trillian running on your PC and make sure you forward the port if your on a router. Other than that, the program is easy to use, and highly customizable!
    Enjoy my screencap!


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