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    Hello all,

    I own a Treo 700w and just today i noticed some 'leakage' with respect to memory. I will preface this by saying that I did the 700w Tweek for low memory. The following programs I have installed are:

    All-In Hold 'Em
    Chess Genius
    SK Tools
    Opera browser
    PocketMusic player
    Soft Reset
    TRE (Registry Editor)
    USB Modem
    XCPU Scalar
    and TCPMP

    I noticed when using MemMaid, I went through the processes and noticed a process named 'shell32.exe'. I googled the processes and this one was labeled as a probable trojan. Upon trying to kill the app, it froze and I had to restart. Is there anyway to eliminate this and how do I go about it? Also, are there any other *.exe files I should be wary of?

    TIA and your input is greatly appreciated!


    ETA: I'd also add that I was starting 13 - 14 free MB program memory and now it's at 11-12.
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    shell32.exe is not a trojan on your PPC. Or if it is I'm infected too, but I seriously doubt it.

    Actually, I just found out that it is the 'emulation shell', whatever that is.

    That info is under Problem Situation:
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    Thanks Pibe38 for the reply...

    I too did find more info about that and found it to be a normal process. I just decided to go ahead and slim down on some of the apps i have, did a backup, and then did a hard restart. I love my 700w but I'm so conscious about free memory that I should just move up to the 700wx. I just find the memory leakage a nuisance.


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