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    I was wondering if such a thing existed. I used to have a program for my treo 650 but now I don't find one for the 700wx.

    Does anybody know?


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    -Agile Messenger

    Are all possibilities.
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    how and where do i get that?
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    Searching would be a great way to do so.

    -Verichat -
    -Agile Mesenger -
    -IM+ -
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    Which is the best of all three?

    Is there any application to do Yahoo IM, AIM, MSN?
    Or can you provide the link download Yahoo IM?
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    They all do them all.

    Did you look at the links I provided you??????????

    You'll have to try them and decide for yourself which one works best. There is no consensus winner among them.
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    does AIMExpress or work with PIE? or any browser for WM5?

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