Ok this is really weird.

I uninstalled PocketBreeze since for a variety of reasons. My phone also seemed to think that I have pocket informant installed which at one time I did but uninstalled it. I did a hard reset so I could evaluate how my phone worked with no 3rd party apps even though I really wanted Pocket Breeze on my phone.

Now the big problem I have 471 contacts on my desktop (after I deleted my duplicates). I also tried syncing LapTop but for some reason the total number wouldn't add up. I also noticed that some of my contacts will not end up on my phone even if I delete them all off my phone and start over.

Also I am using ActiveSync 4.5 (BETA) on both machines. Should I go back to AS 4.2 on both.

I am heading to Cancun next week and wanted to figure out my time zone issues (What check boxes should be checked and unchecked in the clock settings) and I ended up having this issue.

If AS is not causing this problem what should my next steps be?

Any ideas.

Thank You.