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    I have a Gmail account that I have been downloading to my home desktop's Outlook 2003 by using the POP3 functionality available in the settings of online Gmail. I now have setup Gmail to also download to my Treo 750 Outlook Mobile. The problem (and I was hoping this would not happen) is that if the mobile downloads the email then the desktop does not, if the desktop downloads the email first then the mobile does not.

    I have the feature of keeping all emails available in the online Gmail enabled. Does anyone know a work around that will allow me to download emails from Gmail both at home and on the device? All I can think of is just to let the device get them troughout the day and then go home and USB sync with Outlook 2003. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    I'm having this problem as well. I've tried FlexMail 2007 and I don't see options in it to either, to enable this.

    Anyone know how we can do this with Pocket Outlook and FlexMail?
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    Here is the solution I found on Gmail's support website. If you are attempting to download via POP3 to multiple email clients (in my case Outlook 2003 and Outlook Mobile), for one of the clients specify the Gmail username to be The recent mode allows for that client to download up to the last 30 days of history no matter if the emails have already been accessed by another mail program. I added the recent tag to my "username" in Outlook Mobile and now I am able to receive emails in both locations no matter which one accesses the email first.

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