Hey guys ... I've been playing around with gmail and managed to set up a POP accessed gmail with WinMob Email app. I used the same method as outlined by Palm Support. It connects via GPRS (i think i've disabled UMTS network for the time being - tryin to save every ounce of battery juice) and it works.


My question is, can you use activesync to sync gmail account via bluetooth connection like it does with the Outlook desktop inbox? I want to avoid paying fees for GPRS/3G data, ISP or 3rd party exchange server (4smartphone, mail2web etc). My ActiveSync (4.2) currently works fine with my bluetooth usb adaptor.

I noticed that in one particular email setting, you can choose your connection type. I tried one to connect via 'My Work Network' using bluetooth as the modem. It manages to find the bluetooth network on my notebook but doesn't want to register the service. Am I going through the right path?

Can it be done despite not setting up a POP account for Gmail on the Outlook desktop? I know that you can set up as many email accounts as you need on Outlook 2003 to throw them into the Inbox but I want to avoid this too if possible.

Thanks in advance.