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    My net seems to be on all of the time. I rarely ever see the little EV on the top of the screen. There are usually the 2 sguiggle lines in its place? I checked and I do not have my email being checked on a certain basis.

    My other question. Is there a way on hotmail to be able to open email attachments as they come in? Now I have to hit send/receive again to open them.
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    As long as the 2 zigzag lines isn't active (white when active, bit transparant when inactive), I think it's normal.
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    You may have it set to only get message headers which is why you aren't getting the attachments until you opt to download them. This is usually the right setting because get full messages seems to cause problems with emails disappearing. Try changing the KB limit to 999
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    You want your Internet connection to be connected to the network but dormant or idle.

    Your squiggley lines are exactly what you should see. If you see EV you will have to sign on and connect before you can pull email, browse or whatever.

    There is absolutely no negative impact on battery by having an dormant connection- in fact it can be argued that people who completely force a disconnect are actually hurting their longevity.
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    OK - I always have the EV but want to have squiggly lines. Where do I change the settings to do this???

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