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    Can anyone tell me the files that have to be deleted if I want to completely erase all tasks, contacts and appointments ONLY on the Treo 700wx?

    What I really need is a "Computer overwrites handheld" option for the sync like the Palm hostsync has, but I don't see that on Windows.

    The Outlook on my computer has all of the correct information, but due to various testing the data on my Treo is bad now. So before letting ActiveSync try to merge the bad with the good I want to make sure that the bad data has been deleted.

    The Treo is working perfectly and set up just the way I want it now so I prefer not doing a hard reset.
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    Those info are stored in the PIM.vol file on the root of the device. You can try deleting that file but I'm not sure if it will allow you to.
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    Yes, that seems to have done it. Thanks.

    One interesting thing. I deleted the file then looked at my calendar and contacts, and all the data was still there. I had to soft reset, and then all the data was gone.
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    Where are e-mails stored?
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    When I try to delete this file, it says it's in use. Tried it while attached to the PC and after a soft resest and with the phone off, no change in that.

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