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    We have a client with both phones (Palm 650 and Palm 750). The person wants to transfer all of her contacts from one phone to the next. She tried sinking the palm desktop to outlook but she keeps getting a error (I am not sure what the error is at this time)

    I wanted to know if it is at all possible to just transfer her information via the IR ports on both phones and then sinks the new 750 with outlook?

    Thank you in advanced.
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    the 650 is Palm OS & the 750 is Windows Mobile OS so there isn't a direct way to do it AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $But$ $there$ $is$ $a$ $way$, $I$'$ve$ $seen$ $people$ $talk$ $about$ $it$ $before$, $it$ $just$ $won$'$t$ $transfer$ $extra$ $fields$ $only$ $the$ $basic$ $ones$ $listed$ $in$ $the$ $phone$. $I$ $think$ $it$'$s$ $a$ $3rd$ $party$ $app$?
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    Here is a link to a similar thread:
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    I just made this conversion myself. I was able to get all my contacts off of my 650 and on my 750 without any problems.

    Here is what I did. It was time consuming but it worked.

    I beamed each contact from my 650 to my new 750. Once they were in my 750 I was able to sync it with my Exchange server.

    I hope that helps. It worked for me.
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    I ddi this for my wife moving her from the 650 to the 750.
    Here are my specfic steps, I'll re-post them here as well.

    I just moved my wife over from the 650 to the 750 last night. I synced the 650 up to outlook, then synced the 750 to outlook. It worked great as far as I know.

    Specifically my steps:
    1) Went in to WindowsXP control panel, clicked on "Mail" settings and deleted the existing outlook profile
    2) Ran outlook, created a brand new outlook profile (so it was totally clean for her data.)
    3) Uninstalled Palm Desktop (was set up to sync with Palm Desktop Only)
    4) Deleted (well renamed) the C:\\program files\palm directory (left over files after uninstall.)
    5) Installed Palm Desktop, chose "sync with outlook" during install.
    6) Synced the 650 up with outlook.
    7) Installed MS Activesync
    8) Plugged in the Treo 750 and Activesync synced it with the Treo 750.
    You will, of course, now have all of your calendar, contacts, taks, and memos on the 750 (unless you chose not to sync those items.)
    I will add that something happened to her calendar on the 650 (it got corrupted) so it absolutely would not back up to Palm OS or MS Outlook any longer, it hadn't worked for about a month. So I did have to skip the calendar sync and she had to do that over from scratch.
    But Notes, contacts, and to-dos all carried over.
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