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    I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere.

    When I am in Preferences on my Treo-650 and open Default Apps under "General", how can I make changes to the three categories listed? Right now, for EMAIL it shows VersaMail, for MESSAGING it shows-gasp- Messaging, and for BROWSER it shows Web.

    Well, I don't use VersaMail as my default Email app, I use Chattermail. But - each of the three drop-down "options" is locked. IOW, when I click on the down-arrow for Versamail...the only "option" is VersaMail and no matter how hard I tap on it ( ) there are no other options! How do I change this so it reads that "Default Email application" is Chattermail?

    I really am at a loss as to how I can explain this any differently. I can't seem to get anyone to understand that I HAVE set the "default" setting WITHIN Chattermail Prefs to "Chattermail as the default email program". I did that when I first bought the app and decided it was the only one worth using! What I want to know is why "Chattermail" does not appear in the Default Apps drop-down menu on my Treo as one of the options to choose from?

    Can anyone explain how to change this? (or at least WHY it does this?)
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    Oops! Wrong forum. My apologies.

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