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    I put together a cab file based on cybertron's work posted on the xda forum here.

    This cab is customized specifically for the treo 750, but it may also work on other HTC devices.

    Here is the README.txt from the zip file attached below.

    treo 750 btaudio

    1) copy to your device and install
    2) install MortScript.
    3) soft reset

    MortScript can be downloaded from

    The cab file installs btagext_new.dll to \Windows and changes the following registry values.



    It also installs two scripts to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\MortScript folder.
    BTVCToggle - Toggles on/off bluetooth enabled voice command.
    BTAGExtToggle - Toggles between btagext.dll and btagext_new.dll.

    Once installed the cab disables bluetooth activated voice command and instead opens
    the audio channel to the bt headset when the headset button is pressed. The audio
    channel will remain active until the headset button is again pressed.

    To toggle on/off bluetooth activated voice command run the BTVCToggle script located in
    Start-Programs MortScript folder. The change is effective immediately.

    If for some reason you want to revert back to the 750's btagext.dll simply run script

    Note: The new dll has the side effect of keeping the audio channel open even when
    voice command is activated. Simply press the headset button again to close the audio

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    very nice. now all I need is a 750. lol
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    THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It works great.
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    Rock on!

    Works great with my Treo 750 and Moto H605 headset. This is exactly what I was looking for, I appreciate it!

    So whats next on your list? BandSwitch is awesome too! You have any other software?
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    Been most active in the Fun with MortScript thread lately. Search for my name and you shall find. One of these days I need to set up a site of my own to place stuff. Things get scattered around and it can be hard to find stuff sometimes.
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    Is this similar to the btaudio app. that's available for the Samsung IP-830W?
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi View Post
    Is this similar to the btaudio app. that's available for the Samsung IP-830W?
    What you are referring to is the btaudiotoggle app that works on many WM5 devices, however it doesn't work for the treo 750.
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    Yes that's what I was talking about. So is this one for the 750 similar to or the same as the one I was talking about?

    If I use it, I will be able to redirect all audio to my bluetooth headset?
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    That is correct. You simply press the headset button that normally activates voice command and it opens the audio connection and keeps it open until you hit that button again. You can listen to music, slingplayer, audiobooks etc over your bluetooth headset.
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    HANNIP - U DA MAN! This is very much appreciated. Ever since the Tytn (at least 2 devices ago), I've been looking for this. Works great & Thanks again!
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    Works outstanding on the W X
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    Will this work with the 700w?
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    700 w...wx no
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    Nope, doesn't work on the wx and I assume the same for the w.
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    Not to complain but the sound quality seems significantly worse than the tytn sddDialer->voicecmd hack...any reason? Did I install the right mort script cab - there seem to be 3 (a ...PPC, ...PNA & ...SP) -I put all 3 on my SD card & then installed them & 1 over-wrote the previous one, so I'm not sure which was the last one I did (i think PPC) Dunno if this would effect the sound quality or not? Don't get me wrong, it's working great & I'm grateful for it...look at it as CQI (continuos quality improvement) :-)
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    You should install the PPC cab. Mortscript is needed for running the scripts and has no effect on sound quality. From my experience the headset sound quality is the same as when using a dongle. You can't expect high quality from a headset audio stream that was designed for voice, but it seems good enough for TV or audible books. If you want better audio quality for music you should get some a2dp headphones.
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    Works grrrrreat!
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    Possibly someone can explain the issue I have experienced using a bluetooth headset (bluespoon AX2) and voice command. When I attempt to initiate a call by pressing the headset button sometimes the connection to voice command takes longer. In this case when I say "call name mobile" the headset connection may disconnect before the command is executed. If the disconnect occurs and I press the button a second time, The voice command reply starts but then hangs after this occurs something is hung and I must soft reset the phone to recover voice command operation.

    When the voice command software starts quickily I have no problem initiating a call.

    Would the new dll help with this problem?
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    Yes this mod will fix that issue. Install this cab following the readme instructions and use the BTVCToggle script to enable VC. Then when you issue a VC the mic stays open until VC is done. The audio connection won't close until the call is over or until you press the headset button again.
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