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    I had posted the other day about a sale on WebIS products for the weekend. I have been looking at their site back and forth, and my question is simple.

    Anyone using either Pocket Informant and/or FlexMail? Are they good? Do they stink? Can anyone drop some quick info before the sale ends?

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    Flexmail is great in theory, but many here have reported issues with its stability and integration. If it did what it promised without other issues, I would be all over it.

    EDIT: Here's a thread on Flexmail
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    I agree with stroths on FlexMail. I own it and am awaiting further updates to use it again.
    PI is a great program, but not the best one-handed PIM app. (I prefer AgendaOne.) But, PI has more features than A1, and if you're a power user you might need them. (I don't.)
    And, just to be fair, PI's developer uses a 700W (or Wx, not sure now) himself, so he does care about one-handed and square screen ready apps, but I still like A1 myself for now.
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    Cool - thanks, guys. And thanks for the link, stroths - I am pressed for time and didn't have time to search today.
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    i just downloaded the "public beta" of flexmail. It would be awesome if it were not plauged by so many random bugs and issues. There is still work to be down, but i think that flexmail is the best alternative we have for chatter on the WM platform.

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