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    Anyone get these 3 working together yet? I can get TomTom with their GPS (but isn't a very good GPS) or the BT-359 with the Telenav software butI can't get TomTom with the BT-359. If anyone has, I'd appreciate knowing the settings. Thanks.
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    I have this exact combination (a GSat BT-359W, and TomTom 6 with an unlocked Vodaphone 750, to be precise), and they work great together. No problems pairing the GPS with the phone, and TomTom works fine with it.

    Under WM5's Settings, in System->GPS I have both the GPS program and hardware port = "(None)", on the hardware settings the baud rate is set to the default of 4800, and under Access I have automatic management checked.

    Under the Connections->Bluetooth section, after pairing the GPS with my phone, I defined an outgoing COM port to the phone in the COM Ports section (I used COM0, but generally it shouldn't matter).

    In TomTom, I set the GPS configuration to "Other Bluetooth receiver", and picked COM0 in the list of ports offered.

    I think those are all the relevant bits. Let me know if I missed anything you need.
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    Thanks. jimf. That worked. I don't know why I was having such problems with this before.

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