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    I don't have my 750 yet and from the pictures I see on the net it looks like the status light in the upper left corner is gone?

    Is it there ?

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    Yeah it's there but it doesn't flash green anymore while the radio is turned on. It's solid red when charging, solid green when charged or flashing amber if you don't have signal.
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    It is "hidden" behind the paint.
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    No doubt one of the reasons Palm disabled the fairless useless blinking LED to show the Phone Radio is on and in service was to conserve battery.

    See this blog entry from one of the Windows Mobile Development team to understand just how much power is consumed by a blinking LED. Although the blog was written in reference to WM Smartphones, most of the comments equally apply to Pocket PCs.

    With battery power at a premium, every little effort to eliminate the wasting of battery power should be applauded. They all add up.
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    Style-wise, I like thats its behind the paint - very interesting effect. Im just glad they dont have that annoying Bluetooth light flashing like most phones. As long as we dont have issues with devices just locking up or shutting down completely, Im also happy not to have a phone light flashing. My HP HW6515 still locks up requiring reset every few days, but at least I can tell from the light no longer flashing on that device.

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