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    Looking for some guidance on something I found in the registry.

    I was surfing my reg and found:

    HKLM\Software\System\State\Phone (String) Current Operator Name = Verizon Wireless

    Well, I thought, lets change the value to something else like Gumball or Dodge This....... couldnt get it to stick. Anyone know if thats embedded or something? Is it possible to change that value? Im using PHM and tried several different ways to 'save' the registry but no dice.

    Also in that same Key is a string value called Signal Strength Raw = 60 (0X00003C)... Any ideas what that controls or refers to??

    Thanks in advance.
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    i dont know if this is the exact reg key, but there was a reg edit that allowed this. it would not last through a softreset though. i will search for it. will post back.

    since the hidelogo. mostt care about this. when we had it and couldn't get ride of it. customizing it was nice.
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    here was the thread post.

    this is what it was hklm/system/state/phone
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    remember to wait about a minute after changing registry, then soft reset for changes to take effect.
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    You don't have to wait if you use an app to do the reset.
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    Hmmm, seems this verbiage shows up in several different reg entries. A couple of threads say it wont stick once it hooks up to the provider.... bummer. Thanks for the help. Hopefully, we can figure out how to make it permanant.
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    Ok, after reading several posts, I find the carrier in 3 different entries so far:


    Im going to try and change them all at once and see if it will stick.

    Back later.....
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    actually when doing this regedit you don't want to reset. it won't stay after a reset.

    most regedits require a reset, but not all. the above hac worked fine for me until I reset or went from roaming back into service.

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