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    and not all treos

    the 700w is HORRIBLY slow! is it just verison's network or all Treos? because i have Sprint and i don't want crap internet like that. i did see a video comparing 700wx to blackjack and they were both fast and almost the same speed. but just to make sure, the reason that thing is so slow is because of verizon, not the treo, right?
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    I can't respond to Verizon or the w, because they're dependent on each other and I've never tried either, but Sprint and the wx is VERY fast in my area (SoCal).
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    When I switched from vzw to sprint I did side by side tests and verizon won out in many areas, but it was very close in most places.

    It makes a huge difference on your location. if you are in the fringe areas EVDO will be much slower (150-400kbps). If you are in an area with a strong EVDO signal your speeds should read in the 400-900kbps range.

    I thought my 700w was slow until I did some testing around the area. I live in a fringe area so the speed is hit or miss.
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    think orlando florida would have strong EVDO? i'd ask at the sprint store i plan to buy from but i have a strong feeling they are morons and wont even know what EVDO is.
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    That video is kinda old though, march of last year...besides, if you're just now switching to Verizon, I'm sure Verizon has a trial period (usually either 14 days or 30 days) in which you can switch to a different phone if you don't like your experience with teh 700w.
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    no, im with Sprint, and im not switching. i was wondering if it was just verizons network that was slow or if its the Treos that are slow. but im guessing that its verizons network.

    is there anyway to check the EVDO signal where i live?
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    That test is bogus. Even at 2 bars, my 700w gets 500K easily.

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