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    I know it would make more sense to make a backup as soon as your done installing your apps after a hard reset. Here is my question?

    Lets say i did a hard reset last week. and this week i have been installing my programs and a few reg edits here and there, and i have my phone the way i want it. Everything works good and so on... is it safe for me to make a backup image now? and use that one in the future? Or is it prone to bugs? And do i need to re register all the programs that i have installed? or a backup is a complete image that will let me continue without having to go thru all my apps and register them one by one?
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    the main thing is just to make backups when things are running good. at least that when i would want to backup. i would recommend a few backups. one with the basics. one with the things you know work good and you'll aways want. and then another when you have everything you want all running good.

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