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    Hi, I'm kind of new to the wireless scene. I have a question. I have a cingular 750 with unlimited data and I live within a 3G area. I work in an operating room where sometimes my wireless connection is unavailable so I bought the spectec WiFi card so I would have Internet access (the hospital has WiFI). Does this sound reasonable? If I have access to both 3G and WiFi will one override the other? And most important, I have been unsuccessful getting the WiFi card to work. At certain times (after a reset) I can pick up a wireless connection from my router in the house but I'm unable to get on IE with the WiFi. Then sporadically I lose access to the WiFi card on my 750, even if I go to programs the WiFi icon will not open. Again I have limited experience and the spectec manual has not been helpful. I have read through the review already so please help! Also if I can get 3G, is the HSDPA hack unnecessary? Is it the same thing or is HSPDA 3.5G, is there a difference. Thanks again.
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    There are a few threads on the spectec wifi card already. Try a search.

    You'll need to disable the cingular proxy to get to the internet while connected via wifi.

    The 750 has built in UMTS support which maxes out at around 300kbps. If you install the hack to enable HSDPA you can more than double that speed and some even report tripling it or more.
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