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    I have had my 700wx a couple days now and I have been having trouble getting calls on and off. I have tried soft resets, hard resets, closing all programs etc. etc. But for some reason it will randomly just not ring when someone calls. It will not show a missed call either, the only way I will know is if they leave a voicemail. It was getting a few text messages late as well. The message would come in but the time stamp would be from 10min ago. Anyone else having this problem or have any ideas on a fix?
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    Are you in an EVDO or 1x area? If you are in a 1x area with an active data connection, calls will route to voicemail automatically. If you are in an EVDO area, the data connection will pause and the call will ring to your phone.
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    I am in EVDO but it will miss calls even when there is no active data connection.
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    You probably have a kind of a weak signal...

    CDMA doesn't keep a live connection to the tower. Instead, your phone checks every 3-4 seconds if the tower is trying to forward you a call. If your signal is weak or fluctuates a lot, your phone may lose this check a couple of times and you will not be notified that you got a call because your phone couldn't talk to the tower.

    Try this, get your home phone and call your cell 10 to 20 times... Take a note on how many times your phone hasnt received the call. Then you will get an idea.

    My house gets very unstable service, it fluctuates between FULL bars to just one bar... A lot. I did this test and my phone wouldnt get calls every 4 out 10 times.

    If that's the case, then you can just force it to roaming mode and see it verizon has a closer tower... It worked like a charm, no more bad service for me anymore!

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