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    I switched from Sprint to Cingular for better coverage and the new Treo. I love the coverage and love the new 750 from the 650, but why is there no Equipment Replacement Plan through Cingular for the PDA phones. Sprint offered me coverage for all of my PDA's (600 and 650).

    What are you guys doing for phone protection?
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    I haven't figured out what to do yet either... I'm told you can purchase 3rd party protection...

    Cingular advised me this was due to an extremely high rate of false claims... i.e., getting a replacement device or 2 and selling your previous on eBay, Craigslist, etc...
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    This does kinda suck. I was with Verizon and had the Q. I dropped it off my belt getting into my car and it landed face down in my driveway. At first I thought I was lucky and didnt notice any damage, but within a couple hours I noticed a small crack on the screen, and by the end of the day, the crack went the length of the screen.

    I had insurance from V. Called and had to go through a automated process answering some questions, then I had to talk to a CR guy. Paid $50.00 and had the new phone the next day. If I did not return my old phone within 15 days, they would have charged me the full retail price of the new one, so I am not sure how people sell them on Ebay. I guess they could use the "lost or stolen" excuse, but I would think they would not allow a stolen phone to be activated, then again with Cing, how would they know with SIM cards. Verizon used a Serial number to activate their phones, so much harder to use a "Lost or stolen" one.

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    check with your home owners insurance. I called I got a rider for all my Treos, all my computers(3) Laptops (3) LCD Projector $8000 worth of coverage for $37 a year.
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    that's actually a really good idea... but, does it cover your devices against damage... not just theft or loss?
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    If it doesn't cover damage, you might accidentally lose your Treo once its damaged. Then it would be covered

    Cingular's lack of insurance is one of the many reasons I'm glad I moved from them to Sprint. I'm lucky that Sprint covers my needs in my area.
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    This is the message I got back from

    We would like to thank for the inquiry. However, unfortunately due underwriting guidelines our PDA coverage is currently under review and is not available at this time. We are in the process of working with the underwriter to have this policy updated and available as soon as possible. This includes coverage for PDA’s, PDA phones, MP3 players, GPS units and standalone Digital Cameras. We will be more than happy to collect your contact information, and you will be contacted once this product has returned. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jscottcj View Post
    that's actually a really good idea... but, does it cover your devices against damage... not just theft or loss?
    Yes, anything, just as your house and property would be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna View Post
    Yes, anything, just as your house and property would be.
    I rent, so I have renters insurance. But I'm pretty sure there would be a deductible, so I don't think it would be worth it (it's usually a few hundred dollars I think.)
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    I received my safeware policy in the mail a few days ago. I suspect they are dealing with many fraudulent claims as well. Hopefully they will start issuing policies again soon.

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