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    There is a new beta version 3.0 of the aging Microsoft Portrait software for WM5. I have got it to work with the 700w and the camera finally works. Unless you have an SD slot camera, the video being pushed from your phone is facing away from you and is shown upside down at the other end. Another downside is that it is not square screen friendly. Looks to be cutting off some stuff at the bottom of the screen and is non scrollable.
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    So Video Call is not as common?
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    I guess people don't care about it. After 1 year and 3 months you are the only one to reply to this.
    Not to mention the application appears to be abandoned or placed on the back burner by Microsoft and the upstream EVDO bandwidth on the Treo sucks badly.....oh and a front facing cam would be ideal.

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    ok after much struggle, got it working on my treo. I can log in and chat. when I click on talk it asks the other person to download portrait too. is there a way using portrait on my treo I can video chat with someone using messenger on a pc without them having to download portrait?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kocoman View Post
    So Video Call is not as common?
    From my understanding, video calls are pretty popular over in Europe.

    They don't seem to be near as popular here in in the States, as most carriers don't support them (or at least don't advertise support).

    And of course finding the right phone that works with it can be a chore....

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