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    allo guys and admin....
    sorry before
    iam newbie, and i want to ask, how to setup my treo for mms?but for the internet no problem why...?any body can help me.....please?

    Keep Cool And Peace.
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    Not sure what you are trying to ask. MMS is a technology used by Cingular to send Multi-Media Messages as opposed to SMS which is a simple message. So all you have to do is attach a video, voice, or picture to your message and you are sending it via MMS.

    Now are you asking how to do that. Then if that is the question then just start a new text message and go to Menu and Add Media.

    Hope this helps...
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    I too can't send a picture with a text message. I went through the above and i dont have a option under menu to add media. Also - if i go to the picture and hit "send", i have options to email, but the "text message" option was greyed out.

    Anyone have any help for me??

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