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    The BlackBerry I have been using for the last year had profiles that I could configure so that alerts and ringtones acted a certain (ex. I had a Phone only profile that I used at night, so email alerts and things didn't wake me). Is there anything like that for the 750?


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    Try PhoneAlarm at It works like a charm. You can even have profiles that get enabled at various times per day. Also, you can set it where the profile changes by: if the treo is in a cradle; or if the appointment status is set to busy, etc. Very powerful software.

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    That looks really good, but are there any free apps that do that? I'm evaluating this 750 for use in our company, and we're trying not to add on a bunch of additional software if we can help it.

    Thanks though, this may be the answer if we can't find something that's free.

    It seems silly that MS or Palm didn't come up with something like this...


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