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    Hi all,

    Is this normal or would you say abnormal? I have had the device now for a few weeks so I would guess the battery is some what conditioned, anyways, here is my regular days usage.

    Charge on cradle over night to full..
    - 7:00am remove from cradle no use..
    - 8:00am start heading to work, typically get around 5-8 emails during this time.
    - 9:00am this is when heavy emails start rolling in. still generally no use aside from a few reminders from appointments..

    From there through out the work day which is 9-5 for me, I get roughly 50-75 emails and may use the device for a few phone calls maybe 5mins each and add a task or two.

    By 5:00pm, my battery is usually around 40 or less. I continue to get maybe another 15-20 emails through out the night and make another call or two on my way home or while I am out.

    Generally now by 9:00pm my battery is at 20% and if I make a single 4-5 minute call it drops to the redzone and needs to be placed on the charger, so we are talking about 12-13 hours of use and the thing is toast.

    Also be advised there is zero BT conctivity and no echange server sync running, this is purely poling 3 email accounts.

    Some days its even worse but this is some what of a best case scenario in terms of battery life. So does this sound normal? I have my accounts set to poll every 15 minutes and considered to have one be a manual pull instead of polling, but its pretty rough. I am not using any speaker phone during this time aswell.

    In addition I would say I am not fiddling around with my 750 either, it sits on my desk and I let alot of the emails and notifications just roll in and check the phone maybe every 30 minutes or longer just to see whats going on.

    Thanks for listening, any help would be greatly appreciated. It just has me freaked out a bit, I had an 8525 prior to this for a short time and dont remember the battery being this bad, and prior to that was using a BB8700 and 650 which had monster battery life.

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    In my experience the biggest battery drainer is keeping the UMTS connection activated. Try to disconnect it after reading mails and you'll notice a huge improvement.

    However, the overall battery life is in my experience highly disappointing
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    wait a couple of days and it should begin to improve a bit. But overall, with your heavy useage, it seems to be working fine.
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    Sounds like it out performs most. Glad to hear it! If you can, spread the email check time out a bit more or disconnect after checking.
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    In my case,
    one pack is drained at 2pm, then I insert the 2nd battery which I paid $50 at Palm One store.
    I do need 2 batteries a day.
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    I do the same. It's not such a big deal. But, why can my BB 8700c make it through 3 days when my Treo can't even muster one?
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    My 8700c can go for what seems like forever with easily 3+ days of usage, this includes 3 days of emails which amount to 400-500 emails and a few phone calls and some random BT connections.

    And it still doesnt even come close to draining the battery to a level I worry I will lose power.

    Add to the fact that every single email and phone call the phone vibrates twice before an audible alert and I would have to say that RIM got it right heh.

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    Like someone said its because its keeping the data connection alive. I downloaded this software and it turns off the connection at a specified time after it was needed. I set it to 1 min and my battery only went down 15% in one day total, so it still had 85% left from 9am to 11pm at night. Before it wouldn't last half a day.

    Here is the software I used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sfla_tc View Post
    Also be advised there is zero BT conctivity and no echange server sync running, this is purely poling 3 email accounts.
    That's part of your problem. POP/IMAP polling slates your battery. Find an Exchange Server and use push email instead - it's much more economical with your battery as well as your data plan.

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