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    Hey everyone,

    Once you get the plan with 200 text messages and unlimited data for 19.99 (I believe its called MediaNet or is it MediaMax?) - do you have to make ANY configuration changes on the phone or can you use internet and email as is?

    I've always been really confused about this part. Won't they have setting's in place that are only compatible with the PDA plan?

    And even if one gets on the internet with this plan, how does one get email (e.g. yahoo or gmail) or IMAP email (my school's email) pushed to them?

    Thanks so much

    A very much confused and intimidated medician (a clinician in training )
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    No changes are necessary. The settings for using the PDA plan and media net plan are identical. They both use the same access point by default.

    You would only have to change settings if you manually changed them to the "isp.cingular" access point, which you can only use on the pda plan.
    But "wap.cigular" access point (default setting) works on all Cingular plans except for Blackberry.

    If you dig in to your connection settings under "my isp" you'll see a wap.cingular connection. That means you're ready to go. That setting is:

    APN: wap.cingular
    Password: CINGULAR1
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