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    well I am pecking away using the on screen keyboard. Half the keyboard stopped working. Half of the d-pad also. what number do I call to get a new 700? Any suggestions?

    I tried a hard reset & a soft reset.

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    do you have the warranty? if not you can buy one from verizon or find a used one on ebay or switch to sprint and get a wx.
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    unless of course u paid for insurance
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    Same thing happened to me. The "F / 5" key just stopped working. I called Verizon and they sent me a new phone under warranty. Unfortunately, it was a refurbished unit and it gave me all kinds of problems. Long story short...after 2 more returned refurbished phones, they finally sent me a new one. You don't realize how important one key is until you don't have it anymore.
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    do you have insurance? if so they will replace it for $50 deductible. Or you can call the customer service # on their website. I called them last week because my phone was sending my emails thru sms when I would text someone. it sent my wife 600 text messages with all my emails in it. This was not the 1st time it did that. I called verizon and told them my problem, their tier 1 support person couldn't help so they gave me a case # and panned me off to palm, who I called and blamed verizon and told me to call them with a palm case # to reset my sms account. When I called verizon back the customer service rep said I am just going to send you another phone because I doubt we will find the problem, two days later I got a refurb 700w. which I am happy with b/c my previous one was dented from frequently being dropped.
    My Palm Treo 700w was a snitch
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    Actually the phone is still under warranty & they are sending out a refurbished unit. I think I came to the treo world in March of 06, so I still have some warranty on it.

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